How to help a small Danish ArcadeHow to help a small Danish Arcade



We're two best friends, Julian & Chriss, who has run an arcade in Denmark for about one and a half year now. We are not on the verge of closing down, actually, it is quite the opposite. We have been norminated for a high profiled price as "Best new initiative in Copenhagen (Capital City of Denmark) in 2013." Our concept is a place where the gamers create the atmosphere, define the room and finally kick-starting our culture once more. New high scores, new stories as well as old stories and future ideas - all is welcome and a part of the arcade every day. Everyone is welcome to bring their own food and drinks to save money and the prices on the pinball & arcade machines are are kept in the 80's range. We are breaking even and to have an arcade is simply payment enough. We also got retro consoles which are free to use in our retro game room. That room works as a little shop as well as a gaming library where people kan either buy the games or simply connect them to the TV and play all they want for free. A lot of these games have now also been donated to us from others who enjoy being a part of it and play the games with others.



We are open every day but every Wednesday the arcade is turned into a gathering of gamers from all over. We compete and often hit town later on where we compete on Game Boys/Gears or a console system at vi connect to the bar's TV. Sometimes we even visit a person in private when some invites us all to come and play video / arcade games at their place


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We see the arcade as a celebration of public gaming, the connection that trancend, sex, age, education, income, politics, taste in clothing / music and what else that might seem to connect but unfortunately often divides people outside this place. Some travel here by themselves and others with their friends, children, grandchildren, dates and so on. Down here a person kan become instant famous for setting a high score but more important: Instantly welcome.

578260_420502781364141_1594549693_n   So this is NOT a pledge for cash or the like. What we dream of, is to win this award. But it takes some efford to do so. We hope our fellow foreigner arcade / retro / pinball gamers want to provide us a helping hand by voting on us for this price - it is free to vote too! It will surely help spreading the word about the arcade culture and help us expand in the future. The process might be a bit rough, but that means that devotion and trusting help will win in the end.


How to help our arcade.
1. Just by letting others know about this, is already very helpful.

To vote:
2. Register on the page (so none can cheat and vote twice):
It needs your Email twice and your name once (no need to say yes in the little box)

3 Login to:
("Adgangskode" is Danish for "Password").

4. Vote for number 5 at the bottom here:



We really think we have the a chance if people from outside of little Denmark helps us on this one. Thank you all for having the interest in arcade and for reading this long describtion about us. Hope to see you some day.


Game on from Julian & Chriss, / www.facebook.comchassisarcade    

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